About Reverie Farms

Like many of you reading this, I've been obsessed with horses my entire life. I grew up in New York City reading books like Smoky the Cow Horse and Justin Morgan Had a Horse. I often went to Central Park just to breathe in the carriage horses, and a couple of times I even talked the drivers into letting me ride along and drive. At 45 years old I finally bought my first horse, a big stocky draft cross, thinking I would finally get the whole thing out of my system. Because I'd spent my entire childhood lost in reverie about horses - every year my report cards said "Nancy is always daydreaming" - I named him Reverie. 


Five years later in 2015, clearly not having gotten it out of my system, our family bought the farm. The location and layout were fantastic but it was old and run down. We conducted a comprehensive renovation, replacing all electrical wiring, light fixtures, stall fronts, and much more. I researched footing compulsively and found a brilliant, committed footing expert. We added large turnouts with automatic waterers so horses could be outside as much as possible.


We initiated a small breeding and sales program and, while it's very hard to part with each horse, we've loved watching them develop and become someone's perfect partner.

We enjoy a small number of boarders. They are some of the kindest people we've ever known and it truly feels like a community.

One of our daughters and I are devoted to dressage and we compete at the FEI levels  - talk about a dream come true! Some of our boarders have no desire to compete while some aspire to the highest levels of competition, but we all enjoy and support each other. 

Reverie is genuinely a family farm. The whole family helps with turnout, feeding, night check, stacking hay, and of course cleaning up horse poop. I feel so lucky that we all love the farm, especially the horses. 

Thank you for reading about our beloved farm!


Nancy Davis