The farm revolves around the big barn, which has fourteen 12x12 stalls with automatic waterers. Each stall has a Dutch door for fresh air and great views, and the stall fronts have windows with open bars for ventilation and socialization. Two wash bays with hot water and a farrier's bay offer plenty of room for grooming. The lounge is always stocked with coffee and tea. 


Blissfully heated in winter, the barn is attached to the indoor arena, also heated, which features Master's Blend footing, a blend of GGT, fiber, and sand of varied mesh size and quality that was hard to find in our state. Extensive mirrors and a viewing deck for trainers and friends make the indoor a great space for training and hanging out. Fourteen tack lockers offer plenty of room for saddles and lots more.


Our outdoor arena is regulation size with five-foot cross buck fencing for safety. The outdoor has the same excellent Master's Blend footing as the indoor, neither too hard nor too deep. Our 70-foot round pen provides plenty of room for free lungeing and training young horses. 

Except in the worst weather, horses spend most of their day outside. Eighteen 270 x 45 foot turnouts with automatic waterers allow for horses to go out individually or with buddies, and two small turnouts let restricted horses get some fresh air too. We have expansive acreage with hills and small log jumps for some beautiful Colorado scenery, relaxation, and cross-training. 

We're committed to education, so we regularly host clinics with internationally renowned dressage trainers. Current and past clinicians include Endel Ots, Sue Martin, Betsy Steiner, Kathy Connelly, Hilda Gurney, and Bill McMullin. Past and future events include USDF Adult Amateur clinics, Hanoverian inspections, and a USDF Jr/YR clinic. 

Dutch doors
Open stall fronts
Viewing deck, tack lockers
Reverie evening
Heated indoor with mirrors
Cross-training options
Great conversation
Shed row
70-foot round pen
Top clinicians
Elementary school
Pastures for healthy development
Checking things out
Getting out of the arenas
Reverie sunset
Breeding barn
Stunning Colorado views
Evening at Reverie
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